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Waste Of Paint
random ramblings of a homosexual teenager
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Where is one new place you’d like to visit?
GREECE or Brazil (mostly for hot men)
10th-Oct-2011 07:43 pm - SO MUCH STUFF TO DO
we just came back from a week of exams and we were met by a tsunami of homework (mostly from chinese)

i also lied about my physics project (i didn't contribute still i got grades for it)

keely, a classmate, wants me to make her project for her ugh

LORD GIVE ME A BREAK im breaking apart
9th-Oct-2011 11:45 pm - Bullshit
i don't know how to begin
to narrate my burning rage
i know you might not fathom anything
forgive my senselessness

i hate his smile
i want to put a screwdriver on his face
poke his eye out

i hate his smell
i want to throw him in an oven
till he's burnt out

i hate his taste in music
i hate his effeminate voice
i hate his chubby cheeks
i hate his dumb logic
i hate everything that he stands for

i rue the days
which i dwelt trying to please you
i loathe your name
i hate everything that comes with it

i officially am declaring, and this i oath, that i would never fall for him again. if he chats, i ignore STOP STALKING HIS FACEBOOK or talk about him i swear with the heavens as my witness

i know this might not make sense to you yet so let me break it down fro you. i liked this guy for a long time but i dont want to talk about that skip skip to the present... he sent an im on fb saying my name, i freaked out and thought he wanted to talk but bullshit he just wanted me to fill up the BULLSHIT BULLSHITdasjkcadsfds form for the seminar which he is the moderator of

ahhh i cant sleep fuck him hes such a waste of time asdasfhh
9th-Oct-2011 10:39 am(no subject)
resuscitating this little blog and laughing at the poetry i've written below
23rd-Jan-2010 01:44 pm - Useless Arms
I</b>’ve brought my defenses from potential competition
I’ve surrendered myself for you 
I’m willing to run tough races 
and endure endless commotion 
just to show you it’s true

Though I’ve lost a lot of blood 
from ceaseless opposition and war fare 
trying to prove you everything 
I’m prepared for any storm or flood
that may follow me everywhere
the risk is what I’m taking

As I walk and continue this torment and agony for your love you overlooked my predicament I was an angel sent from above inside your heart I went I never did give up

21st-Jan-2010 01:25 pm - A Word Forgotten

As I walk into this empty alley 
of pain, grief and frustration
I furtively shed a tear
I’ve been trying to hide what’s beneath me
your oblivious decision of leaving me alone here
You were never aware of my presence 
though I’ve been trying my best
you will never hear my words
my caring statements
you’d think nonsense
a beautiful flower you’d treat a pest
I’d try to reach our dividing worlds

The road I’m taking is leading me nowhere
sometimes I ponder upon my admiration 
though I’m trying to move on from the guilt
I’d still be hoping you’d care 
I’ve tried to destruct the creation 
but my affection I could say is sturdily built

Even if I burn all the existence
that only the two of us would exist
even if I flood the whole town 
you’d still have the persistence 
you would still resist 
my presence all floating around 

Even though the world would end 
and nothing would be left behind 
this fate would transcend 
through the depths of time 
all the reasons you would contend 
my name would remain a word forgotten


23rd-Dec-2009 06:29 am - Start of Snow

“I know you have to go,

‘cause it’s the start of snow.”


Days would pass, another week

months would leave a sad streak

of long excruciating grief

the dying of the autumn leaf.


Coldness would fill the spaces

of my warm beloved west

it’s time to thicken my dress

for draftiness fills my breast.


The town covered with white powder

where once we were sweet lovers

but now at this precise hour

we are but rotten flowers.


I’m lying here all alone

trying to vanquish the cold

by putting all these behind

daisies would be fully grown

my faith in you I should hold

forever won’t be all this time.




Comment your thoughts :D

13th-Dec-2009 04:46 am - Tsunami
Be prepared, it's going to rain soon
it'll all be dark, the sun covered by the moon
the tides will rise, so be wise
don't let the waves uncover your lies.

This is a test for you and me
got to hold on, it's a tsunami
are you willing to hold on to my hand?
the strong current we should outstand.

Will you lose grip and desert me?
be my life guard and my safety
I know you won't break free, because you see
you'll hold on if you really love me.

I'm not scared if the sky turns gray
I trust you in all that you say
other fishes will be swept away,
only you will come my way.

Just remember that we rise after we fall,
and there's a rainbow after it all.


7th-Dec-2009 01:25 pm - Mouthful

I can’t close my eyes

eating French fries

can’t get over why

you had to say goodbye.


My fingers drenched in chocolate

didn’t know it was already late

until the doughnuts in sight

told me it was midnight.


The remote covered in cheese powder

promised myself just another hour

sandwich dripping in mayonnaise

reminded me of your face.


Strawberry yoghurt

feeding my broken heart

a mouthful of gluttony

isn’t enough when you’re not with me.

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